Xiaomi, one of the leading names in the smartphone market, continues to be more effective with its new devices and the interface it has developed. The company, which announced the Mi 11 flagship recently, also introduced a MIUI 12.5 interface. However, Xiaomi never disclosed a feature in its MIUI 12.5 update. Because he was also fortunate today.


Xiaomi has made many innovations with the MIUI 12.5 update. We recently shared with you the list of features that words are not enough. However, the Chinese manufacturer officially announced a feature that it did not reveal in MIUI 12.5 today to weiboda.

Let’s explain what the feature shared above is. As it is known, Xiaomi constantly facilitates the user’s work with the accessibility settings it has developed. At this point, the giant manufacturer has now signed a new function. Our visually impaired people will now use their phones better with the “barrier-free touch feature”.

Xiaomi announces unimpeded touch feature

The Chinese manufacturer announced the unobstructed touch feature, which it did not announce at the launch, on its official weibo account today. So what will this offer to our visually impaired people? Unimpeded touch function according to reports; It offers an innovation that enables the visually impaired to perform their transactions easily. This function, supported by the “linear vibration motor” of our smartphones, brings a brand new interaction method that transmits correct information to disabled users.

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Xiaomi is so far the only smartphone manufacturer in the industry to bring such a function. You may remember it was working to bring similar functions to Apple before. However, the US manufacturer stated that the iPhone could not find a better solution in this area. Whatever it is; Apple aspired and made it happen in Xiaomi. That’s all it takes. Now let’s go back to our topic …

New unobstructed touch feature coming with MIUI 12.5; It works according to the behavior of visually impaired users. It detects the user’s reactions and presents the controls in the interface according to these reactions, with different types and different texture metaphors. Thus, visually impaired people have the opportunity to reach their target items more easily than ever before.


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