Xiaomi News: The famous name of the smartphone world Xiaomi has become the main sponsor for PUBG Mobile National Championship UK. Gamer friendly Xiaomi.


The Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi, which has made a loud voice both in our country and all over the world with the smartphones it produces, continues to draw our attention with good news. Meeting the expectations with its 2021 smartphones, the company continues to offer a high-level experience and hosts many developments. The company, which launched the best phones to date in 2021, also gives an eye to its competitors. The company, which made a name for itself with high performance phones, started to fully support games. Xiaomi is the main sponsor for PUBG Mobile National Championship UK.

PUBG Mobile, the most played mobile game of today, appeals to a wide audience in our country. Players who want to make use of the time until sahur, especially due to the month of Ramadan, join the PUBG Mobile world and become a partner in the competition. The game, which is now seen in TV commercials, has rolled up its sleeves for a national championship.

Xiaomi Will Support PUBG Mobile Tournament

The Chinese technology giant will also be the main sponsor of the PUBG Mobile National Championship UK tournament, which will be held from June 4 to August 8. The tournament to be organized based in England will also feature 16 teams. While the tournament will have approximately 30,000 dollars in prize money, we will also face the highest level of competition. On the specified date, teams will compete with qualifying matches, and they will have the opportunity to test their skills online. The popular mobile game, which will distribute over $ 400,000 in prizes in various tournaments until the end of the year, will organize tournaments in the shadow of Xiaomi. The company’s main sponsor will be the Chinese technology giant.

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