One of the leading names in the smartphone market, Xiaomi continues to lead the mobile industry with its uniquely designed devices. As you remember, in 2019, the Chinese manufacturer came out with a concept phone called Mix Alpha. This device, which has a design that has never been seen before, was the beginning of its surround screen phones. However, let’s mention that Mix Alpha is a concept product and is not available in stores. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a phone with a surround screen. For now, there is a brand new Mix Alpha model.



Xiaomi, one of the most innovative names in the industry, started a new screen form with the Mix Alphay, which it launched in 2019. The Chinese manufacturer, which wants to make a name for itself in this sector, is now preparing to launch its new surround screen phone. It even obtained various patents related to it.


In the past weeks, it has been revealed that Xiaomi has received a new patent similar to the Mix Alpha. In the patent footage of that time, it was claimed that the company developed a new surround screen phone with pop-up camera. However, in the patent filed today, the camera design seems to be different.

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Xiaomi received its new patent in 2019

Xiaomi submitted the patent of this new phone with surround screen to the State Intellectual Property Office in 2019. Later, this patent was approved on January 1, and some images came to light. As you can see above, this new patent received by Xiaomi adopts a different camera and screen design compared to the previous ones.

When we look at the new patent in detail, we can easily understand that the next Mix Alpha will come with a screen surrounded up and down. As you remember, the previous model of the series was equipped with a screen surrounding the right and left sides of the body. However, the size of the works in the new model will be different, as we said above.

In terms of optics, Xiaomi’s next Mix Alpha will feature a quad camera module placed horizontally on the back. This previous model was limited to just three units. On the other hand, the new Mix Alpha is expected to have virtual keypads. The company can switch to virtual keys by removing the physical keypads on this phone. We think this will be better for users as well.


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