Xiaomi, one of the biggest phone manufacturers of today, left its mark on 2020. The Chinese company produced 146.4 million units last year.


Having a vital position in the smartphone market, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi is currently working on electric vehicles as well as smartphones. The company, which will present its first vehicles on the roads at the end of the year, continues to make a name for itself with the phones it produces. In particular, the company, which launched the best phone models in its history in 2021 and continues to launch it, blew like the wind in 2020. The technology giant, which is well known in our country with the phones that sell millions of units, produced phones like crazy in 2020.

Making a name for itself with its television models as well as smartphones, the company will spread all over the world with different electric vehicle models at the end of 2021. The technology giant, which offers both cheap and high performance products, will mark the smartphone market with its foldable phone model towards the end of the year. The company left the mouths of its customers from all walks of life, especially with the number of phones it produced last year.

Xiaomi Produced 146.4 Million Phones in 2020

The Chinese giant, which continues to sell millions of phones both in our country and globally, is almost playing with the phones it produces. The company, which reached and continues to reach millions, especially with the Redmi series, made the lips pale last year. According to the information we obtained from the reports published by foreign sources, the famous company sold a total of 146.4 million smartphones last year. The company, which earned $ 10.80 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020, continues to fill its safe day by day.


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