Never before had the tension between America and China increased like that. The confrontation between the warplanes and warships of the two states in Taiwan, along with the commercial wars, brought the growing tension to another point. Last week, after the events between the United States and Huawei, the US government blacklisted Xiaomi by the Department of Defense on suspicion of being linked to the People’s Liberation Army of China. After this development, Xiaomi officially announced that it is suing the American Government.



Because after this “black list” nonsense made by the American Government, Xiaomi’s American investments were banned and at the same time forced Xiaomi’s existing shareholders in America to sell their securities until November of this year. This caused Xiaomi to suffer a serious loss in the stock market. Xiaomi officially stated the next day that he has no ties to the People’s Liberation Army, but Trump, as always, did not listen to anyone but himself. We will see what will happen after Trump, who tries to rule the country not with evidence, but with intuition.

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Xiaomi filed a lawsuit today against the US Department of Defense and the US Treasury. Xiaomi emphasized in his lawsuit petition that he has no organic or inorganic ties with the Chinese government or military, and that he has no relationship with them. Xiaomi also stated that it produces products and services only for civil and commercial use. It was also added to the case file that Xiaomi will be exposed to imminent, serious and irreparable damages in case the restrictions come into effect.


What Will Xiaomi Be Between America?

Obviously, at this point, everyone is wondering what kind of attitude Joe Biden will take. The general opinion is that Joe Biden, who canceled many Trump decisions from the very first day, is expected to end this black list nonsense. We said it all the time and we say it again. If America has evidence against Chinese manufacturers; You can reveal this, but if not, it will not prevent us consumers from getting better service. We are sure that these problems will be resolved by Biden before the case is filed …


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