Following the Apple Car rumors, another technology company Xiaomi is said to start its own electric car project.

Rumors began to emerge that the Chinese Xiaomi is seriously considering entering the automotive market. This information allegedly came from several sources close to the company.

The published report states that the Chinese technology giant plans to make its own car and sees it as a strategic decision, but the specific details and roadmap it aims to follow have not yet been determined. Xiaomi’s electric car project will reportedly be led by Lei Jun, the company’s founder and CEO.

He visited Elon Musk
In 2013, Lei Jun had visited the US twice to meet with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and now his interest in this market seems to have grown. According to the report, the stagnation of the smartphone market directs companies to different markets, and the electric car market is the most popular of them. Because the company could not be expected to aim to expand its presence into an unused market, especially in terms of its research and development team and expertise in electronic hardware.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not yet responded to these allegations. Therefore, this report is a leak for now. More details are expected to come to light in the upcoming period. It has also been said recently that another smartphone manufacturer Apple also has plans to launch an electric car.


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