Xiaomi, which has managed to be among the popular companies with its affordable price policy in the global market, continues to appear with its innovations. The Chinese company, which also announced the MIUI 12.5 interface with the Mi 11, unfortunately had to make a little hike in price recently. Now it is revealed that Xiaomi will exceed the $ 1,500 price band.



In Weibo, known as China’s Twitter, Jei Jun, the company’s CEO, asked his followers if we could produce phones for $ 1,500. After this problem, of course, things got messed up. The fact that the company that produces affordable phones would suddenly exceed the $ 1,500 band made everyone nervous. What if prices hit this band and became standard?

Actually, there is nothing to be afraid of. Presumably CEO Jei Jun signaled the future of foldable phones when referring to the $ 1,500 price band. Unfortunately, foldable phones, which are in their infancy, cost a lot. Therefore, it is not possible for now to go below $ 1,500.

Xiaomi’s foldable phone, which bends the screen with the Mi Mix family, will make a big noise according to our estimates.


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