Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra News: A user apology message has been issued for the bad comment made for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. So, what did he criticize about the phone?


A man in China was recently sued by Xiaomi for maliciously criticizing the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The court asked the man to apologize to Xiaomi in the newspaper. This interesting topic has received great attention on the Internet. The man who lost the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra case apologized to the company. So, what happened in this process?

A year ago, on August 11, Zhang bought two Xiaomi Mi10 Ultra phones. It published two product reviews on August 17. One of these reviews was as follows; “I’ve had this model for a week and it has crashed eight times. Also, the phone gets over 50 degrees while playing. Although the charging speed is very fast, the power consumption is also very fast. After two hours, the phone is no longer charging.” In another review, he wrote: “Battery life is not good. It’s too hot after a week of use, it’s too laggy, it’s not clear when taking pictures, it charges slowly, and the phone isn’t waterproof.”

However, the lawsuit filed by Xiaomi today resulted in Zhang’s favor. The man who lost the case apologized to Xiaomi. In the apology message; “I made false negative comments regarding the order of two Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra mobile phones on the JD platform on August 17, 2020. After the decision of the Nanjing City Yuhuatai District Court (Case No. (2021) Su 0114 Minchu No. 1430), I must say that posting false product reviews violates Xiaomi’s reputation. I am deeply aware of the mistake and sincerely apologize.” used the phrase.

It is very interesting that the man who unfairly criticized Xiaomi was sued by the company. Generally, in such cases, it communicates with the user due to the incident and takes action to solve the problem. Xiaomi’s appeal to the court due to the comments may receive a great reaction.


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