Xiaomi Mi 11, the first member of the Snapdragon 888, has not been on the agenda for a moment since its introduction. Mi 11, which is constantly tested and compared to different phones, proved itself when it was just at the beginning and it showed this by breaking sales records. However, we have already told you that the device has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, we have no problems with performance. However, the heat problem seems to be annoying users. Also consider this summer month. Anyway, we will come to this topic later. But before there is a cutthroat test in the hotel room. Apple’s newest weapon, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and Xiaomi’s newest flagship, Mi 11, faced each other in a fierce Wifi test.


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Xiaomi Mi 11 is by far the champion

The Mi 10 series, which was launched last year, was equipped with Wifi 6 technology as you know. Soon, the Chinese manufacturer stepped up in this technology. The company has included a more advanced version of Wifi 6 in its new flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 model. In fact, it was not contented with that. It has also greatly improved the ability of Wifi signals to penetrate the wall. Thanks to this feature, Mi 11 defeated the iPhone 12 Pro Max and became the champion by far.

Xiaomi Mobile shared the statistics of Mi 11 beating the iPhone 12 Pro Max from its official account. As you can see from the above data, the Chinese manufacturer’s new weapon smoked Apple’s best phone with dust.

This Wifi test in the hotel room was made by connecting to different modems in different rooms. In this test, both phones were simultaneously connected to the AX6000 router and set to 300 Mbps in broadband.

As you can see in the picture above, the Mi 11 and iPhone 12 Pro Max are tested in four rooms respectively. As you can see, in the final test, the iPhone 12 Pro Max falls far behind the Mi 11. However, Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 11 is doing well under all circumstances.


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