Xiaomi Mi 11 failed in the battery review evaluation. Let’s take a look at the results of the review by DxOMark.


DxOMark experts have published the battery performance evaluations of the Xiaomi Mi 11 model. The top segment phone has managed to receive praise for its wired and wireless fast charging charging times.

The phone has a 4,600mAh battery. This battery comes with 55 watt wired and 50 watt wireless fast charging support. It took 56 minutes to charge the 4,600mAh battery from 0% to 100%. It took 74 minutes to fully charge the battery with the wireless charger.

When it comes to the battery score of Mi 11, the device gets the lowest score to date in the reviews made by DxOMark. The Mi 11, which is at the bottom of the list with an overall average score of 49 points, offers only 7 hours of use in heavy use. While this time is up to 23 hours at medium level, this time can be increased up to 4 days by turning off many factors affecting battery consumption such as ultra power saving mode.

In the evaluation, it is mentioned that the phone offers insufficient battery performance. It is stated that the battery management is bad when the phone is in standby mode at night, which consumes high battery in all usage scenarios. The charging times of the phone are praised. In particular, the wireless fast charging time is said to be impressive.


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