Xiaomi’s new monster, Xiaomi Mi 11, was taken to pieces by the iFixit team. Unfortunately, this phone is very difficult to repair.


The iFixit team, which dismantled its technological devices and determined the repairability score, smashed Xiaomi’s new favorite today. The team that disassembled the Xiaomi Mi 11 model states that it is very difficult to repair the phone yourself at home.

Just one Phillips screwdriver is enough to open Xiaomi’s new phone. Because all screws are of the same structure. This is a pretty good thing. You don’t have to constantly change the screwdriver. As you know, recent phones have been taking a lot of glue. Because of this, it was very difficult to separate the battery and the rear case.

Xiaomi uses an adhesive material that opens more easily at this point. In this way, you can easily open the phone. The iFixit team states that many components are modular. The fact that the parts are modular can sometimes cause difficulties in terms of what they fit where they are.

Although it is a bit difficult, the screen and battery can be easily changed according to the information transferred. As you know, the glass body in the phone makes drop damage more likely. That’s why curved glass requires special tools, and the likelihood of breakage during repair seems very high.

To change the fingerprint sensor on the screen, you have to remove the entire screen. It is stated that the screen may be broken during this process. Long story short, Xiaomi’s new monster gets a repairability score of 4 out of 10 from the iFixit team. This means that repairing the phone at home is difficult.


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