Breaths are now held for the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 11 series. These phones, whose leaks we have been sharing for months, will finally meet their waiting ones on December 28. With Xiaomi announcing its launch date, we have begun to come across more leaks about devices. While some of the Chinese users first revealed the price list of the Mi 11, now different sources have started to share live images of the Mi 11. However, we would like to point out that the visuals leaked this time carry more accurate evidence than before. So there is almost no possibility of it being fake.



The Xiaomi Mi 11 model will be equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera, as you will know. The accuracy of this information goes back a long time and we can say that it has been proven now. In addition, it can be shown as one of the most important factors supporting this in the live visuals emerging today. Because we think the photo below explains everything sufficiently.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 will come with 108-megapixel main camera

If we look at the live image of Mi 11, we all have noticed that there is a different shade of white. However, there is something more important than that. What will you ask? Of course, the camera resolution and zoom size. These two details find answers to the most curious questions about the Mi 11’s camera. Based on this image, the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera and will support zooming up to 30 times. Of course, there may be different details that we do not know. I hope we will see this better soon.

The person making the leak isn’t just revealing the rear design of the Mi 11. It also unboxes the device and shares a few images about it with its followers. Let’s take a closer look at these pictures.

There is something in the image above that will make us very happy. As you know, the iPhone 12 series did not come out of the box with a headset and charger. However, the S21 series will likewise not come out of the box with a charger and headset. While such claims are being discussed on the agenda, the fact that Xiaomi will include the charger in the Mi 11 was another detail that attracted our attention. You can easily see that there is a charger section when you look at the box.

That’s all the news about the Mi 11 right now. However, when we get new news, we will share it with you again. So stay tuned.


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