The Xiaomi Mi 11, which is expected to become official in the coming days, now comes to light with the screen film.

Preparation for the new year in the smartphone market continues at full speed. Manufacturers are now looking forward to introducing their new flagship models. While Samsung is making the final preparations for the Galaxy S21 series, Xiaomi is preparing for the Mi 11 series. There are many more models to come like this. However, our news now is about the Xiaomi Mi 11, which will be introduced in late December or early January. Because a lot of concrete news about this phone has begun to emerge.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 model, which has been leaked with various rendering images for a while, was last displayed in a user’s pocket, as you remember. It was even revealed on the same day that it was in the hands of a citizen on the street. Now, reliable sources have revealed a new screen movie that belongs to the Mi 11. This shared screen movie also shows in the finest detail how the Mi 11 will have a screen.

The screen design of the Mi 11 will have a perforated structure, just like the screen movie above. The Chinese manufacturer will not use the third generation under-screen camera technology in this model. So in Mi 11, just like; Like the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10 Ultra, it will be equipped with a selfie camera placed in the upper left corner. There is no need to talk too much about the device. We have already shared everything you need to know in our previous news. So we’d better wait for the launch of all the rest. Because there is a 1/2 week left for the launch to take place.


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