A new report has been published regarding the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite features. According to the report, the Mi 11 Lite is claimed to be powered by the 5 nm Snapdragon 755G processor.

As you know, Xiaomi introduced the Mi 11 model towards the end of last year. The company, which managed to attract the attention of users with its new generation flagship, also stated that it will launch the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Lite models in 2021. While the new models of the series were wondered by the users, today some Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite features were revealed with the shared report.

According to the latest information, the entry model of the Mi 11 series is expected to be installed on an OLED screen. On the processor side, it is stated that the Mi 11 Lite, which is stated to be powered by Qualcomm’s SM7350 processor, will also have a periscope camera with 64 MP resolution and 5x zoom.

It should also be noted that Qualcomm’s SM7350 processor has not been officially announced yet. It is estimated that this processor, which is said to come with the Mi 11 Lite, will be produced with 5 nm production technology and will be called Snapdragon 755G. It is also said that this chipset will also have a powerful Cortex-A78 core.


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