The smartphone market has left behind a bad year, and both the world and manufacturers are very hopeful for the new year. We met Xiaomi Mi 11, the world’s first Snapdragon 888 chipset, which we officially met on December 28 last month. The phone went on sale in the Chinese market, and suddenly the market was mixed. Because when the phone was first put on sale, 350 thousand units were sold within 5 minutes and 850 thousand are waiting in line for pre-orders. When everyone’s curiously asked Xiaomi Mi 11 will be sold in the global market? His question began to find an answer.



Because today we expect Xiaomi to introduce the Mi 11 series in the global market in an advertising poster. We call it the Mi 11 series because it seems that; It started to be said in the backstage that Xiaomi will introduce the highly anticipated Mi 11 Pro model in the global market. So at this launch, we can officially meet both Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro.

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When will the Xiaomi Mi 11 global launch?

A clear and exact date is not shared with us yet, but there is a detail like this. This global promotion was leaked after Samsung announced the Galaxy S21 launch date. In other words, Xiaomi will not let Samsung confuse the Galaxy S21 Pro and Ultra models, and the Mi 11 Pro model and Samsung’s flagship will hit the heart with both features and price …

We are waiting Lei Jun Reis …


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