According to rumors, the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to be introduced at Xiaomi’s global launch on February 8. There are still no technical details about the Mi 11 Pro, and all known data currently consists of various leaks. And yet another rumor is that the Mi 11 Pro cannot come with ultra-fast charging support with a capacity of over 100 watts.



The thing is, Xiaomi recently introduced a new charger that produces 67W of power. According to the information given (logically too), the closest model to which this newly introduced charger will be presented is the Mi 11 Pro. If the rumors are true, it will charge faster than the previously introduced Mi 11 device, but the Mi 10 Ultra model will not reach the charging time.

After the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11, users are now looking forward to the official launch of the Pro model. According to speculation, this launch could happen in March too, so we have a long time ahead. According to DigitalChatStation announcing popular Weibo news, the battery size of the Mi 11 Pro will be larger than the Mi 11. He claims that the Mi 11 Pro will come with a 5000 mAh ± double cell battery. This is a very good value for any flagship device.

Additionally, there are rumors that the Mi 11 Pro will support 200W fast charging. In addition, the model will support 67W of wireless charging capacity. There will be better camera sensor supporting zoom technology up to 120x. Since the Xiaomi Mi 11 was launched, the popularity of the device has been very high, thanks to which it has largely reached sales figures. According to Xiaomi, in just three weeks the Mi 11 sold more than 1 million units.


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