The first rsmi visual appeared today regarding the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro design, which the mobile market is eagerly waiting for. This is a different thing but…

It seems that there will be a great competition in the smartphone market with the new year. It is said that the next year will be a more comfortable process, especially with the availability of the vaccine and its distribution for up to a few months. This is seen as a locomotive that will keep the mobile market moving. The new generation Snapdragon 888 chipset Qualcomm introduced last week will power many phones. Speaking during the Snapdragon 888 chipset launch, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun heralded that the future of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be with the Snapdragon 888.

We have been sharing images of the Xiaomi Mi 11 design for a while, and today an image that is said to be the press image of the Pro model has emerged. Obviously, we see that this image has a different structure than the previously leaked Mi 11 image.

When we look at the design, we see that there is a triple camera and a periscope camera for zoom. It is not difficult to guess that this triple camera will be the main camera, wide angle and telephoto lens. The phone will have an OLED display with 120Hz supported QHD + resolution. However, we know that 120W fast charging support will also be offered to us.

As you know, Xiaomi introduced the Mi 10 family last February. Apparently it is; The Chinese manufacturer will not wait until February for the launch of Mi 11….


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