With a video that emerged today, we have officially learned the design and rear camera features of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro model.


Wanting to add another dimension to the competition in the smartphone market, Xiaomi is preparing to open to the global market with its new generation flagship Mi 11. In this process, there were some details that we criticized on the phone. Therefore, the eyes have been slightly turned to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro model. The new images of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, which is said to have appeared in a video recently, seem closer to the reality.

Let us state that the phone shown in the previous video will be the Mi 11 Ultra. Although some sources say that this phone will be the Mi 11 Pro model, the actual Pro model will be the phone in the video below. The video leaked today also clearly reveals how and in what colors the back cover of the Mi 11 Pro will be. First of all, if you wish, let’s watch the video together.

As you can see, we see phones with blue, black, yellow and purple colors. The most important detail is that the phone is shown on the back cover that it has 50 megapixel and 50X zoom feature. Just below the main camera is a square camera lens for the perspective lens. Just like the Mi 11 series, a small camera lens is seen on the side. We guess that this camera will also be a wide angle lens.

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Obviously, many people expected that Xiaomi would come across with a 120X powered by artificial intelligence on the zoom side. However, Xiaomi comes up with 50X zoom, just like the Mate 40 Pro. This reveals that Xiaomi will fall behind the 100X Zoom feature of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Could this change with the Mi 11 Ultra model? It looks like it will change if you ask us.

The issue of zoom has been exaggerated recently, but if you ask us, what is more important than the number of zooming is that the zoom is presented as a clear image. Although periscope lenses perform very well, their low megapixel values ​​cause these lenses to perform less than expected.

It is not yet known when Xiaomi will introduce the new generation Mi 11 Pro model, but we expect Xiaomi to detonate the bomb soon …


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