Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has finally announced the launch date for the Mi 11 series. These phones, which will be introduced at 19.30 on December 28, will be opened for pre-order as of December 29. Now let’s put that aside and take a look at that new news item that has hit the agenda like a bomb. According to new reports from Chinese sources, Xiaomi will not only create the Mi 11 family of two models. In addition to these models, it will also be included in a version with an under-screen camera.


We guess there is no one who does not know about under-screen camera technology. As you remember, it was introduced by ZTE in the past months and came to life with the Axon 20 5G model. Later, we witnessed that Xiaomi, OPPO and many other companies made a statement about their under-display camera phone. Now, it turns out that Xiaomi will include a sub-screen camera model in the Mi 11 series. It even came in the first live image.

As you can see above, this image of the Mi 11 shows us that there will be a version with an under-screen camera. This may indicate the future of the Mi 11 Ultra in addition to the Mi 11 or Mi 11 Pro. In fact, the sources are quite assertive that the “super cupa” model will come out like March.

Let’s see if Xiaomi will share on this issue on Weibo as well. Or will we come across different leaks related to this? Let’s wait and see.


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