Leaks continue to come about the Xiaomi Mi 11 series. These upcoming phones come out with a different detail every day. As you know yesterday, the press images of the Mi 11 were leaked. These images, prepared by the company, matched the previous rendered images and found answers to the questions in mind. In addition, today the packaging box of the Mi 11 has appeared. However, this time the size of the box caught everyone’s attention. Because it started to create the perception that there will be no charging adapter like the iPhone 12 series.


Obviously, it has never been mentioned that the Xiaomi Mi 11 series will not come with a charger. The Chinese manufacturer even condemned Apple’s behavior and made statements such as “we cannot imagine phones without chargers”. However, the leaked Mi 11 box today confused the heads, as we mentioned above. Because the box has almost the same thickness compared to the iPhone 12’s box. This created a panic effect for those who were waiting for the Mi 11.

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Mi 11 may not come out of the box with its charger

No one could imagine that under normal circumstances the Mi 11 series would not come with a charger. However, after Apple, this situation started to affect other companies as well. It is claimed that even Samsung, who is making fun of Apple, will not take the S21 series out of the box with the charging adapter. As such, such perceptions have started to emerge on the Xiaomi front and fear has already surrounded those who wait.

According to Chinese blogs, Xiaomi can think just like Apple and take its phones out of the box without a charger. According to another rumor, the company can also evaluate this situation according to the wishes of the person. It can bring the green mindset to life by dividing users into needing and non-charging devices. Of course, while doing this, we can also consider the possibility of reducing the cost of the device. Because Xiaomi devices do not come out of headphones, as well as the absence of the charger may be another factor that reduces the cost. However, as we said, we will understand this better in the launch that will take place 2 days later. Therefore, we can say that waiting for the launch is the best decision for now.

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