While the competition in the smartphone market is fierce, manufacturers are doing their best to be different. Xiaomi is one of the most diligent manufacturers in this regard. Because the Chinese manufacturer will offer us a very different design with the new generation Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. When we look at the videos and images released today, we see that Xiaomi will use a second screen at the back.



When we look at the leaked video, we see a second screen next to the phone’s cameras. This screen is very, very small, but thanks to this screen, it is possible to take selfies or vlogs with the rear cameras. You can see how the second screen on the back works from the video below.

The screen on the back works just like that and transfers a reflection of the front screen to the back in the same way. We have seen this design in the Meizu Pro 7 series, which we have reviewed before. While Meizu’s second screen is a notification screen, Xiaomi here gives the task of a second screen to this screen.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is expected to be available in the second quarter of the year. Whether this image is a prototype or a final product is still unknown, but Xiaomi seems to mark this year. Because Mi 11 sales have reached a record level as of today. We can assume that the Chinese manufacturer, which has attracted serious attention in the European market, will increase this interest even more with its new phones.


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