On March 29, yesterday, the company, which came across the users with the brand new phone series Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, will burn the wallets of the users.


Sharing with us weeks ago that it will introduce its brand new products on March 29, the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has managed to meet the expectations. As promised, on Monday, March 29, it introduced the new Mi 11 phone series, the new Mi Band 6 smart bracelet and the new charging pad. While the promotion was the center of attention, different products also satisfied the users. In particular, the charger pad charges three devices at the same time, making a difference to its competitors. The company, which will mark 2021 with its brand new flagships, will again make a name for itself. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is introduced, but pockets will burn wallets.

In the news we have been doing for weeks, we have mentioned that the Chinese technology giant is working on electric vehicle models. While the new vehicle is expected to be on the roads towards the end of the year, the company has hit the agenda with its brand new technological products. Technological products, which have been in our language for weeks, have been introduced and the new phone series has led to the hair in our country with the price.


Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Has Been Launched For Pre-Orders For $ 1,099

Launched in China as of March 29, Mi 11 Ultra will burn pockets, wallets, and even hands in our country. As it is known, the dollar rate changes every day in our country, and with a slight change, it plays hundreds of liras. The price of the new phone changes in our country just like that. In the promotion, the price of the Mi 11 Ultra was announced as 1099 dollars. The phone has also been opened for pre-orders at Giztop as of this morning.


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