As the competition in the smartphone market continues to increase day by day, the phones that will be released have started to be compared. Which phone is better than which phone, what are the distinctive features and more meet you in this news. Xiaomi Mi 11 and Honor V40, which will make a loud noise in the technology world, have been compared. So which one is better?



While the countdown continues for the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 11 and Honor V40, especially for Chinese users, these two phones were examined in terms of their features. Smartphones, which will also offer 5G technology to their users, will take their places on the shelves in the coming weeks. Xiaomi and Honor, which are among the giants of China, will fight in 2021. The new flagships of the two famous giants will be admired both with their performances and other features.


Comparison of Xiaomi Mi 11 and Honor V40

First of all, the weights of the two smartphones will be almost the same. With a very small difference, we can say that the Mi 11 Pro is heavier. With its screen structure, Mi 11 Pro, which is larger than the V40, will have an 8-core Snapdragon 888. The V40 will satisfy its users with its Mediatek Dimensity processor.

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As it is known, Xiaomi will launch its new phones with the Android 11 operating system. It will be released with Android 10 installed on the Honor V40. Mi 11 will also make a difference with its battery capacity. It will leave the V40 well behind with its longer lifespan. Both phones will have 5G technology and dual memory slots. Let’s talk about the camera features, the Mi 11 will come up with a 108 + 13 + 5MP camera and the V40 with a 50 + 8 + 2MP camera structure.

When we look at the features and performance, we are of the opinion that it would be more logical to buy the Xiaomi Mi 11.


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