The Year of 2021 started very quickly. The silent 2020 flagship market seems to take shape by 2021. Because now users want more from manufacturers, and manufacturers are doing their best to meet this. It seems that the LTPO screens used in Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the newly introduced Galaxy S21 Ultra; It will also be used in the new flagship models of this year. This technology seems to be used in phones such as Xiaomi Mi 12, Mate 50, iPhone 12S, Find X3.



Well, we seem to hear many people asking what are LTPO screens. LTPO basically works like this. It is a part of the screen used to turn on and off the pixels located on the back panel and is therefore responsible for the power consumption, resolution and refresh rates of the screen.

The simplest form of this means this. As you know, screen scanning speeds have a negative effect on the battery. Increasing the scanning speed, especially at high resolutions, has a serious negative contribution to the battery. Here are the screens with LTPO support, with a special software support to eliminate this problem. These screens provide better energy efficiency at high resolution and high scanning speed compared to standard screens. So we will have better screens and longer lasting batteries in the coming period.

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