Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra News: Exciting information came about the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra model, which Xiaomi will introduce next year. This phone will be a camera beast.


Xiaomi came out with the Mi 11 Ultra this year and took the title of the world’s best photo-taking phone with the score it received from DxOMark. After the Mi 11 Ultra, the eyes were naturally turned to the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra. Exciting information came today about this model, which is curious about what it will do with its camera.

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra will be unrivaled in camera

The leak giant Digital Chat Station claims that the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra will bring innovations in the field of image processing. According to DCS, the Mi 12 Ultra will be equipped with a main camera with a main image sensor of 192 megapixels in 1-inch optical format. This sensor will combine 16 different images and enable 192 Megapixel photos to be taken.

The new sensor will re-enhance image quality when shooting in low-light conditions. Such a sensor will only be found on the Mi 12 Ultra model. In the other series, there will be high-end lenses again. However, it is unknown for now how these lenses will be. In addition to these, the Mi 12 Ultra is said to come with an under-display front camera. It is said that the under-screen sensors, which started with ZTE, have now reached the expected level and will be preferred by Xiaomi.

The new model is expected to include 120W wired and 100W wireless charging technologies. Thanks to these technologies, it will be possible to fully charge the phone in about 10 minutes. Since the Mi 12 family will be in the flagship segment, Qualcomm’s new generation Snapdragon chipset will be featured on the processor side. Presumably, the Ultra model will use 16 GB of RAM this time.

It is not yet known how the design of the Mi 12 Ultra, which will come to take the title of the fastest and best photographic phone of 2022, will be. Probably, the AMOLED screen will be used on the rear camera again. The front panel will also be AMOLED, but this time the screen will host higher-level display technologies.


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