It continues to work for the Xiaomi A series. Xiaomi Mi A3 has been updated again with an update. The model had previously received the Android 10 update.

With the update, the model has switched to Android 10.4 version. It was also clear what the new update to the phone contains. The size of the update was quite surprising.

Xiaomi Mi A3 continues to receive updates
Standing out with its affordable phones, Xiaomi continues to send updates to its models. The model, which previously received Android 10 updates, attracted attention to the size of the offered update. The update from Android 9 to Android 10 on the phone was 1.33 GB.

However, the size of the incoming update is only 32.69 MB. It is seen that the incoming changes are small, causing the size to be small. However, it was noteworthy that the innovations that came with the Xiaomi Mi A3 update reached the users immediately instead of waiting for the next changes.

In the discussion about the subject in Reddit, it was stated that an important update of the fingerprint reader was included in the package. However, some innovations were mentioned on the update page. Here, users write corrections on the dark theme, animated navigation and privacy controls.

With the phrase “privacy checks” on this page, an update for the fingerprint reader appears. The point where users need security the most is seen as a fingerprint reader. Therefore, it is useful to download and install the update on the phone quickly.


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