Motorola One Hyper can charge up to 7 smartphones from a distance of 1 meter.
After the introduction of the wireless charging station called Mi Air Charge by Xiaomi, a move came from the Motorola front.

With Motorola One Hyper technology, devices can be charged from a distance of 1 meter. In this charging process, there should be nothing between the wireless charging station and the device.

According to the published official video, two Motorola Edge or Edge + smartphones (modified for testing) are placed in a standing position at a distance of 80cm and 100cm respectively from the charger. In the process, the batteries start to be charged immediately, but the process stops when a user puts their hand on the charger.

While One Hyper’s technology is based on the Qi standard, the company states that this technology is actually better. While 7 phones can be charged at the same time, there is no information about the charging speed of the device and whether all phones can have the same speed or share their charging capacity.


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