One more bomb by the tech giant is 200W wired charging mind-blowing. The first question that comes to mind is Xiaomi Mi Mix 4?


By the Xiaomi brand, two true flagship smartphones have been released recently. Of course, we are talking about the Mi 11 and Redmi K40 series. Or is Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 coming? We seem to hear the question. You may not like this brand and its products, but we have to admit, starting with the Mi 10, it entered the premium smartphone market and now makes high-end models. It is useful to share with you, our valuable users, that they come with first-class features and can even boast of some features that cannot be found in competitors. Among them, we can talk about camera performance and fast charging support. However, these will not be the only flagship models of 2021.

Today, a prominent blogger announced that Xiaomi is currently testing a new flagship product scheduled for release in the second half of the year. Even more interesting, it will be the first 200W fast charging smartphone. Also, this Xiaomi phone will support high power wireless charging. As a reminder, Xiaomi’s fastest charging smartphone is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, which supports 120W charging. Unfortunately, no other model other than this device came with a faster charge. So when the new Xiaomi cell phone with 200W charge is finished, it will not only be Xiaomi’s fastest charging smartphone, but also the fastest charging device in the world.



There’s nothing definitive about the name of this Xiaomi phone, but there are all sorts of reasons to think the company has been dealing with the Mi Mix 4. Second, it is expected to come with under-screen camera technology. Xiaomi mass-produced the third generation under-screen camera last year. Xiaomi has also developed a number of special camera optimization algorithms specifically for this. The shooting effect of the under-screen camera will basically be the same as that of a conventional camera. Thus, it will effectively improve the use effect of the under-screen lens.

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All in all, the Mi Mix 4, which has not been seen for about two years, will not only come with a real full screen design. It will also have top-notch hardware and fast charging performance. Maybe the model that will offer 200W Charging support will be the Mi Mix 4. Time will show everything.


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