Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, which is expected to be introduced in August, does not fall off the agenda. Finally, the images allegedly belonging to the phone were leaked.


One of the most curious phones of 2021, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, leaks do not stop. The latest images of the phone, which is said to be introduced in August, confirm the similarity with the Mi 11 Ultra, as well as the under-screen camera feature.

Mi Mix 4 will be the company’s first phone to support under-display camera technology. It is among the information that Xiaomi has advanced the camera shooting quality in the current under-screen camera technology and brought it to almost the standard front camera level.

It is certain that Mi Mix 4 will offer something extraordinary, especially in terms of design. In the published images, we see that the second screen and camera array in the Mi 11 Ultra has been largely transferred to the Mi Mix 4. Of course, here we see the second screen getting bigger. This development will increase the functionality of the screen as it stands.

According to the information conveyed within the company, Mi Mix 4 is now ready and undergoing stability tests. It is certain that the phone, which has been appearing in Benchmark tests for a while, will be powered by Snapdraogn 888 Plus. The phone, which will carry a 5,000 mAh battery, comes with 120-watt wired and 80-watt wireless fast charging. At this point, Mi Mix 4 seems to be the phone with the fastest charging technology available, not just Xiaomi.

Another important development from the Mi Mix 4 front is about the MIUI version to be used on the phone. The phone, which is expected to debut with Android 11-based MIUI 13, will break new ground for Xiaomi at this point.


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