The new flagship of the Chinese technology giant Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Pro Max has once again appeared. The phone will be used by folding inwards.


Xiaomi, which is one of the names that is the subject of our news almost every day, is still working on a new phone without stopping. Recently, we have shared with you many times in our news that besides Xiaomi, many important technology companies have turned to foldable phones. While more than 5 million foldable phones are expected to be released especially this year, the competition in the smartphone market continues to heat day by day. Shaking hands with Samsung for foldable smartphone screens, the company came up again with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Pro Max, which will be its new flagship.

The new foldable phone model, which was the subject of our news for the first time on March 3, 2021, is today with brand new information. While the Chinese technology giant continues to revolutionize the smartphones it produces, it has also rolled up its sleeves to produce foldable phones. The Mix 4 Pro Max, which will be one of the first foldable phone models of the famous name, will be almost an event with its features and design.


It Will Fold Inward

We have written for weeks that foldable phones will take the market by storm. We mentioned that many companies will produce foldable phones. I think the most ambitious companies in this field will be based in China. It is clear that the Mix 4 Pro Max, which will appear as the first foldable phone model of the Xiaomi brand, will appear with a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Huawei Mate X2. The phone, which is obvious to have an inward foldable structure, will be released in three different models. The phone, which is expected to have a refresh rate of 90-120Hz, will come this year.


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