Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be introduced at the event that the company will hold in August. However, the phone is already being tested by a private person.


Xiaomi’s next Mi Mix series phone will become official in August. The phone, which is expected to debut under the name Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, is apparently going through the testing process for now. Moreover, one of those who used the phone during this test process is Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi.

Lei Jun has been sending his posts via Weibo on Mi 11 Pro for a while. But this situation seems to have changed recently. The number one manager’s Weibo posts are now made from a new phone. According to many sources, Jun is among those who tested the Mi Mix 4. Besides, the senior manager has already tested many Xiaomi phones in this way before.

Xiaomi will use an under-screen camera technology that is invisible to the naked eye on the new generation Mi Mix series phone. Powered by the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, the phone will feature stereo dual speakers, NFC and IP68 certification.

Mi Mix 4, which has recently undergone the certification process, will feature a 5,000 mAh (4,500 mAh in some sources) battery. The wireless fast charging power of the phone, which will be filled in minutes thanks to 120 watt wired fast charging, will be 70 watts.

According to a recent leak, the price of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will start at 5999 yuan ($928). This makes the Mi Mix 4 more expensive than the Mi 11 Ultra, which is currently the most expensive Xiaomi smartphone.


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