Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 News: New details have emerged about Xiaomi’s phone, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, which will attract attention with its design. These phone sockets will almost burn.


Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has always been appreciated for trying something different in terms of design with the Mi Mix family. It is said that Xiaomi, which came out with the foldable Mi Mix Fold in the past months, is currently working on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Today, it has emerged that the phone will come with the fastest charging support in the history of the smartphone. This charge is talked about a lot.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 comes to light sockets with 200W fast charging

According to the popular leaker DSC; Xiaomi has started receiving certifications for the Mi Mix 4. This phone, which will be introduced and sold before the end of 2021, will burn the sockets with its fast charging.

However, the “Temporary Provisions on the Radio Management of Wireless Charging (Power Transmission) Equipment” published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies stipulated that the nominal transmission power of mobile and portable wireless charging equipment should not exceed 50W. Therefore, the wireless charging of Mi Mix 4 will not exceed 50W. But! When it comes to cable, Xiaomi will turn its competitors into whipping boys.

According to the reports; Mi Mix 4 will support full 200W fast charging. However, some say that it is a surprise that the phone will come with 120W wired + 70W wireless charging support. But we know that Xiaomi has patented 200W fast charging. Therefore, the possibility of 200W fast charging support seems very high.

For high-power charging, the safety of charging has always been of great concern to ordinary consumers. According to Xiaomi engineers; 200W fast charging has four ways of protection. These include charging temperature, charging voltage, charging current and charging protocol. This technology includes a total of 40 multiple safety protection measures. So there is no reason to be afraid of 200W charging for now. Let’s see when this revolutionary technology that charges the phone in minutes will be with us.


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