We are in a period that we can call the beginning of 2021, but Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is already creating excitement. What kind of design will the phone have?



Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series phones have managed to create excitement in the mobile world every time they were introduced. Finally, we think that the Chinese company, which brought the Mi Mix 3 5G to consumers in September 2019, should not make the enthusiasts wait any longer and add a new phone to the series. Fortunately at this point the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has been officially confirmed by the company and eyes are now on the phone’s release date.

The Mi Mix Alpha concept, which appeared in September 2019 with a design that was ahead of the time, could not go beyond a concept product. Difficulties in both price and production conditions were two major obstacles to the widespread meeting of such a phone with the end user.

If we put the Mi Mix Alpha aside and talk about Mi Mix 4 again; The phone has been officially confirmed, so it will definitely be introduced later this year. Considering the previous models of the series, there is no doubt that it will be one of the exciting phones of the year. Therefore, every information or leak from the Mi Mix 4 front is news.

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How will the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 design be?

The latest information is that the Mi Mix 4 will be better than all existing Xiaomi models in terms of technical features. It is expected that the hardware features will be more or less like this, the main thing is the design concept.

The recently released concept images of the Mi Mix 4 show that there is no camera hole in the front. At the end of this long wait, Xiaomi is the biggest expectation to put under-screen camera technology on this phone. It is assumed that under-screen camera technology, which has been in development for more than two years, will make a significant progress in the second half of the year and will be included in the Mi Mix 4. Because it will not make a difference to think of another location for the camera on the phone that will lead the mobile world with its design.

According to the latest information, ZTE is preparing to use under-screen camera technology in the Axon 30 5G model, after the Axon 20. However, reports indicate that the front camera performance does not match the standard front cameras. If Xiaomi wants to use this technology, the camera performance should at least bring it to industry standard.


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