Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 News: Delighting information for Xiaomi’s new futuristic phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, has begun to come. This phone is very, very talked about.


As you know, Chinese Xiaomi was making a difference with the Mix series, which was unprecedented in the industry. The company, which has not added another model to the Mix family other than the foldable model for a while, will soon appear with game-changing features. The new phone, which will be called Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, seems to revolutionize the industry again. As you know, new phones leak months before they are introduced. However, Xiaomi continues to develop its new beast behind closed doors with great secrecy.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will stand out with its under-screen camera

Today, the leaking giant Ice Universe has made striking claims about the phone. Ice Universe stated that the new phone will come with an invisible under-screen camera technology. This camera will have much different and advanced features than ZTE’s under-screen camera.

The Chinese company, which will adopt the screen design called waterfall screen in terms of design, will again come up with a futuristic design. Mi Mix 4, which is said to be powered by the Snapdragon 888 Plus chipset and 12 GB of RAM, is expected to be introduced in August.

It is not yet known what kind of policy Xiaomi will follow on price. This model, which will probably have upper segment features, will be offered for sale at a par with flagship phones. It is said that Mi Mix 4, which will revolutionize under-screen camera technology, will also offer fantastic features. However, not much is known about the phone for now, as Xiaomi keeps its new beast like a secret of immortality.


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