LetsGoDigital has created a concept design for an advanced version of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha. This imaginary smartphone concept, called Mi Mix Alpha Pro, is the kind that will make you forget the smartphone designs we have seen so far.

One of the technology manufacturers that smartphone lovers have been following closely for a long time is undoubtedly Xiaomi. The company, which has succeeded in gaining the appreciation of consumers with the smartphones it releases, also introduces products with impressive designs from time to time. One of these products was Mi Mix Alpha, which has a 180 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Xiaomi introduced Mi Mix Alpha at an event, but it did not release this smartphone. The company stated that Mi Mix Alpha is still under development. Now there has been an unexpected development and LetsGoDigital has created a concept design for “Mi Mix Alpha Pro”, which it launched as a new version of Mi Mix Alpha. The design, which is based on a patent that Xiaomi has previously received, seems to attract consumers.

Opposite, Mi Mix Alpha Pro concept design

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha was almost entirely screen-covered. Ignoring this situation, LetsGoDigital thought that a smartphone patent that Xiaomi had previously received may belong to the new version of Mi Mix Alpha. Because this concept design is almost completely covered with screen just like Mi Mix Alpha. The designers think Xiaomi will use a larger camera setup and the rest of the phone will be covered with the screen.

When we look at the visuals of the concept design, we see that the front of the phone is completely covered with a screen. We cannot see any front camera in concept design. In fact, this is not a huge problem because the screen, which is added to the back of the phone and spans a large area of ​​60 percent, is located under the single camera module on the phone. In this way, users can also use the camera on the back of the phone as a front camera.

According to the designers, Xiaomi prefers a camera module in Mi Mix Alpha Pro, which we have not seen so far. The camera, which is at the same level with the phone’s surface under normal conditions, extends out of the phone for zooming and other features when it is used. Designers say this camera module is 108 MP “AI Super Zoom” technology patented by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Founder Lei Jun recently announced that Mi Mix 4 is approaching with a statement made through Weibo. Although LetsGoDigital team named this design as Mi Mix Alpha Pro, it is possible that this smart concept will appear as Mi Mix 4. However, it is not possible to know whether this smart phone concept will really come to light someday.

Concept design created for Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Pro


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