The Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip will look very similar to the Galaxy Z Flip with its structure. The Chinese technology giant has received a new patent for its foldable phone.


Xiaomi is said to be working on a new foldable phone. The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has applied for several patents on this subject this year. It turned out that the patent for the phone, which will be called Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip, has been received today. According to this new patent, Xiaomi’s new foldable will be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip price will be affordable

It is not yet known when this patent, obtained from the World Intellectual Property Organization, will be realized. The Chinese manufacturer is currently working on the Mi Mix 4. After the Mi Mix 4, which will be introduced in August, the company is expected to announce its new foldable phone. We will probably see a new foldable phone model from Xiaomi before the end of 2021.

According to the patent received, there will be a dual camera setup on the back of the phone. In the section where this camera is located, there will also be a small AMOLED screen to see the notifications and the time. On the front of the phone, the single camera setup will welcome us in the upper left corner. Xiaomi was said to be working on under-display camera technology. However, since this phone will be affordable, the under-screen camera will not be included in this model.

The phone, which is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm-signed Snapdragon 7-series chipset and 8/12 GB of RAM, is expected to have a price tag of $ 1,000. Mi Mix Flip, which will be among the most suitable foldable phone models, let’s see if it can create the expected effect.


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