The Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip is coming, which will stir the foldable phone market. Look how the phone in Xiaomi’s patent applications looks like.


Xiaomi unveiled its first foldable smartphone, the Mi Mix Fold, in March this year. With a starting price of $ 1,540, Mi Mix Fold has suddenly become one of the most affordable options in the foldable phone segment. It looks like Xiaomi wants to increase its diversity in this area. Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip, which has recently been reflected in patent applications, will be another foldable phone on the company’s product roadmap.

The images released by LetsGo Digital show that the Mi Mix Flip is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in general. On the back of the phone, a second screen and two cameras placed side by side stand out. The small screen here will show the clock, notifications and some other important information. The mini screen placed here will also save you the trouble of turning the phone on and off unnecessarily during the day. This will have a positive effect on the battery usage time of the phone. The interior of the foldable phone has prominent bezels, and here again, the dual front camera placed on the screen stands out.

Among the images released is another phone that does not have a second screen and places the camera sensors in a circle in the center. It is obvious how important the second screen is in foldable phones. Therefore, the launch of the model based on this patent application seems further away.

On the other hand, Xiaomi will announce the sequel to the Mi Mix Fold in the second half of 2021. The front camera hidden under the screen and the high scanning speed screen will be the most important developments in this model.


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