Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Fryer is coming to our mothers every woman’s need!


Frying freaks who know their mouths, those who want to buy a gift for their mother, this news is for you! The 3.5 Liter capacity Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Fryer is really good. Moreover, although it was launched with a price tag of $ 61, it dropped to $ 46. Come on, you’re fine again!

Of course, this young friend is not just a deep fryer. Meatballs like a Swiss army knife. A panacea, such as an oven, microwave oven, yoghurt fermentation machine (No more!), Juicer. It can be adjusted in a wide temperature range of 40-200 ° C. The air fryer has dual wind speed configuration, which can be used to defrost and cook various dried fruits and vegetables and meats at low temperature in addition to high temperature air frying. Air flow is sufficient for deep frying.

Moreover, it does not end with this. There is also the MIJIA application that includes recipes, festivities to homes. You can access more than 50 recipes. There are also cooking modes on the OLED display above the fryer. In this way, you can cook as much as you want.

Let’s say you felt the need to stir while cooking, then it shuts itself off without you having to turn it off. Then when you slide the pan into its place, it starts working again. They didn’t call it smart fryer for nothing.


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