MIUI 13 News: Xiaomi, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers of today, will reveal the MIUI 13 operating system on June 25th.


The phone manufacturer Xiaomi, which is an event with its steps in the smartphone market, continues to come up with striking news. The company, which is having a hard time with the Redmi Note 9 Pro, came to the fore with a fire incident in India. As the user’s phone suddenly caught fire, the company stated that it suspected external power sources. As we move towards the middle of 2021, different phones are coming to the market these days. On the one hand, different phones are coming out, on the other hand, operating systems with different user interfaces are emerging. The Chinese company is one of them in MIUI 13. Xiaomi MIUI 13 will be revamped and released on June 25.

Huawei said goodbye to Android last week and announced the HarmonyOS operating system. As Xiaomi continues to invest in the Android platform, it is also preparing to launch a new user interface. It seems that the company will continue to reach large masses with innovations.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 to be Released on June 25

As you may remember, MIUI 12 operating system was released in April 2020. The new operating system was highly appreciated for both its user interface and features. Bringing users new wallpapers, new dark mode, new animations and much more, the operating system is now preparing to be completely overhauled. According to the current details we have obtained from the Xiaomi front, the company is preparing to launch the MIUI 13 user interface. The new version, which will be released with advanced privacy features and a few new settings, will be launched on June 25. In the post on Xiaomi’s Telegram channel, it is stated that MIUI 13 will be introduced in China on June 25th. In addition, it is stated that the Mi Mix 4 smartphone will be released on June 25. Probably the phone will also feature MIUI 13.

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