Xiaomi continues to make improvements on the software side. The Chinese manufacturer has made significant investments in MIUI recently. The main reason for this is that Xiaomi does not have an interface that we can call stable.

To be honest, Xiaomi is really the leading brand in the industry in terms of price / performance. But when it comes to software, we come across many annoying topics.

Xiaomi models that will get MIUI 12 (Current – Full List)

Many users already complain about MIUI updates. Because while these updates fix existing errors, they cause other errors to appear.

The Chinese manufacturer can withdraw an update it publishes, saying “sorry, this update was wrong” and then publish it again. We have witnessed many such scenes in the past.

However, it is believed that these problems will disappear with the new MIUI version. At least that’s what users expect.

So which models will receive the new MIUI version? If you wish, you can take a look at the list of Xiaomi models that will receive MIUI 12 from the video below.

In the meantime, we should also mention this. The models you see in the video are the most recently added devices to the list. So if you don’t have the model you are using in the current video, it probably won’t get MIUI 12.

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Let us state it as a footnote. As it is MIUI, we do not recommend downloading it as soon as the update is available. As you know, many errors may occur in the update. In order not to be affected by these errors, it would be better to wait for a while and observe possible problems.


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