While cases were taken to hospitals in private stretchers in the early days, we see that people who are “positive” in the news even try to go home by public transport. When this is the case, we have to adapt our new lifestyle to this situation.



Currently, coronavirus tests are performed in hospitals with sticks inserted into the mouth and nose. This test, which makes some cry and frightens others, is undoubtedly an important factor that causes people with symptoms to test late; However, the information that emerged today reminded us again that there is an ore on our arm. Today, smart watches on many people’s wrists can detect Corona about a week before symptoms. Watches and even bracelets from Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, OPPO, Huawei and many other brands you can think of have this technology on them.

According to research conducted at Mount Sinai Health System in New York and Stanford University in California, heart rate-measuring watches and wristbands such as Apple Watch and Apple Watch can detect “subtle changes in an individual’s heart rate”, making the diagnosis of infectious diseases much easier. The survey covered 300 healthcare workers between April 29 and September 29.

In the study by Stanford University, it was stated that while smart watches produced by Garmin, Fitbit and Apple were included, there were minor changes in the heart rate of people with coronavirus. It was stated that this change was noticed 9.5 days before the “positive” result.

Research conducted by Mount Sinai Health System, on the other hand, noticed that the heart rate of the people changed 7 days before the tests were positive. This showed that smart watches and wristbands that measure 24/7 heart rate can detect the coronavirus long before the test.

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During this research, the early warning system installed on the watches warned the users to stay home by notifying the changes in the heart rate. While the reliability of the data is still being researched, clocks have proven to be very important in isolation and early detection.


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