Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi officially responded to the electric car claims made recently, signaling that such a development could occur.

Last week, the rumors about Xiaomi’s entry into the electric vehicle industry were spreading rapidly. The company clarified this remarkable issue with its official statement.

We are not yet at the project stage
The statements in the statements made under the name of Xiaomi Group are as follows: “Xiaomi Group has always been interested in the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem, has constantly evaluated the industry and conducted research on trends in related fields. Xiaomi Group’s research work in the field of electric vehicles has not yet reached the official stage of the project. ”

From this statement, it means that Xiaomi has the idea to enter the electric car market, but the project has not started because the research and development phase has not yet been completed. Currently, Xiaomi affiliates have 134 patents on automobile technologies, and it is thought that Xiaomi Car will hit the road in the coming years after the company’s latest announcement.


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