Xiaomi, one of the leading names in the smartphone market, started the new year very quickly. The Chinese manufacturer has patented a total of 7 foldable phones with the application it made today. Released by the trusted source LetsGoDiigital, these phones have similar features to the formats of most foldable phones currently on the market.



Many sources say that Xiaomi will do quite well in the foldable phone category. On the other hand, Ross Young, a well-known person in the display supply chain, talks about the Chinese manufacturer’s new foldable phones. Ross Young, the founder and CEO of DSCC, claimed that Xiaomi will launch at least three foldable screen phones in 2021.

Two of the 7 patents received by Xiaomi; Moto Razr and Galaxy Z have a flip-shaped clamshell design. Others will have a folding shape similar to the Z Fold 2 and Mate XS. As we mentioned above, the Chinese manufacturer may come up with at least three models this year. We estimate that these will be in different categories for every budget and will appeal to everyone’s budget.

That’s all we know right now about Xiaomi’s foldable phones. However, when there is a new development, we will share it with you again. Continue to follow us.


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