Xiaomi News: Chinese technology giant Xiaomi announced that it has received a new patent for foldable phones. The new patent includes the flexible display module.


The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi again came up with striking details. The company, which will come to the fore with its foldable smart phones this year, has received a new patent. The company, which will introduce the Redmi Note 10 series tomorrow, excited us again with its brand new patent. The company, which we expect to introduce foldable phone models this year, will offer its users the flexible display module with its new patent. The first image of the company’s new patent, which will reveal the imaging technology with a hinge mechanism, was also leaked.

The details we have also revealed that the company can use the second screen on foldable phones as a normal front screen. The company, which can make the screen larger with the camera mechanism, seems to offer a different perspective to its users.

Xiaomi Gets New Patent

The new patent of the Chinese technology giant allows the foldable phone to look at the front with the same camera. When the front facing camera is not required, the device offers a 100 percent high screen-to-body ratio to its users. Details of the patent, which will satisfy users in terms of screen ratio, have not been disclosed yet. Note that the publication number of the patent is CN112839115A. The company, which is known to work on more than one foldable device, seems to make a difference to its competitors with foldable phone models. We will continue to include our news as the details come.


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