Receiving criticism for not innovating in the smartphone market, Xiaomi appeared with the Mi Mix Alpha in September 2019 and showed everyone what innovation is. The phone came up with a screen that rotates on both sides and joins the camera strip on the back. Due to manufacturing problems and pricing around $ 2,500, Xiaomi did not offer this phone for sale. Xiaomi has recently raised the bar on the screen side.



For example, the Xiaomi Mi 11 screen can go up to 1,700 nit peak brightness. Its closest competitor is the Galaxy S21 Ultra and that phone can reach a brightness of 1,500 nits. Today, after a visual that emerged, we saw to what level Xiaomi brought its smartphone screens. Because in the resulting image, we saw the waterfall screen structure on all four sides of the phone.


Lei Jun’s $ 1,500 conversation has been announced!

This screen of Xiaomi is seen as one of the most interesting designs ever made. Recently, Lei Jun posted on his social media account and said, “Would you buy a phone for $ 1,500?” he said. Apparently; Such a phone comes and the price will be around $ 1,499. Obviously, we would like to use such a technology that we would give 2,000 dollars to a phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is said to be foldable but does not even go into a pocket.

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In the meantime, let’s also mention this about design. This phone has no screen in the corners. There will surely be a framework there. If you pay attention to Zata, you can see that the corner is also black.

2021 will be a crazy year…


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