According to an information received today, Xiaomi Clubhouse has rolled up its sleeves for an alternative application. Is the Clubhouse coming to an end?


What do we do most often with smartphones? Of course we are surfing on social media. The most frequently used social media applications in our country are Instagram and TikTok. Facebook and Twitter are also very popular. There has been talk of a new application called Clubhouse for a while. The application has become very popular, especially thanks to the marketing of “collaborations” with celebrities and “everyone can afford an invitation”. Seeing this popularity, Xiaomi is preparing to come up with an application similar to Clubhouse.

As a matter of fact, an application called Xiaomi Mi Talk has already been used for a long time, but with a statement made yesterday, Xiaomi announced that it will update this application and turn this system into a voice messaging application just like Clubhouse. Let us remind you that the Xiaomi Mi Talk application has 140 million active users. The application can be used for both iOS and Android. However, it is also among the information that the application will be supported locally.

As of today, Xiaomi has already started to test the program with a closed Beta group. It is stated that before the end of March, Xiaomi’s new generation application will be distributed to all users regardless of brand. If Clubhouse does not support Android; One of them offers you something quite alternative to this platform.

Let’s see if Xiaomi’s new alternative application can replace the Clubhose.

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