Xiaomi continues to mark the smartphone market in all areas. As you remember, fast charging has started to be a trend since the past years. Although the display with high refresh rate initially started this trend, then the manufacturers entered a new competition with high-speed charging. Xiaomi, on the other hand, did something very crazy with the Mi 10 Ultra, which it introduced in its 10th year. This phone, which is a special version of the company, came out with full 120Wat fast charging support. Now, according to reports, the Chinese company does not seem to stop again. Because some sources share details showing that Xiaomi will raise the bar in wireless charging. As you remember, Mi 11, which was introduced in the past weeks, came with 50Wat wireless fast charging. Now Xiaomi is preparing to announce 80Wat, which will revolutionize wireless charging.


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Xiaomi develops 80Wat wireless charging

According to information from Chinese blogs, Xiaomi has now started to develop 80Wat wireless charging after 50Wat. This adapter, which is expected to be the fastest wireless charger of the company at the moment, will switch to mass production in the first quarter if the conditions go well. The person who claimed this information had previously revealed many details of the Mi 11 and did not mislead us. Now it says 80Wat charge is on its way. Let’s see when the company will showcase its new fast charging.


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