It competes fiercely in the smartphone competition. Xiaomi managed to surpass Samsung in one more market. We take a look at the latest situation in the competition.



Although Samsung is the brand that sells the most smartphones in 2020, the companies that follow have narrowed the scissors even more. We can say that 2020, when Huawei had to continue without Google, was a nightmare for the company. At this point, Huawei, which lost the second place to Apple, may be third this year. Because Xioami is increasing smart phone sales in many markets. Xiaomi has become the new owner of the summit in another country in the competition with Samsung.


Xiaomi Managed to Overtake Samsung

According to the report published by Counterpoint Research and covering the last quarter of 2020, Xiaomi is now the new owner of the summit in smartphone sales in Russia. Increasing its influence in the smartphone world day by day with budget-friendly models with both Xiaomi and Redmi brands, Xiaomi dominates 31% of the market in Russia.

Samsung, which was the leading manufacturer in the previous quarter, seems to have realized 27% of the total smartphone sales in the country. After its significant success in iPhone 12 sales, Apple became another brand that managed to enter the top three in smartphone sales.

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Let’s see how the successful sales process of the Galaxy S21 series around the world will affect Samsung’s sales in the country. We will see this in the report to be published for the first quarter of the new year.

Samsung concluded 2020 at the top

Looking at the overall assessment of last year, Samsung sold 255.7 million smartphones in the smartphone market. In the same period, let us remind you that Apple sold 201.1 million smartphones, Huawei 187.7 million, Xiaomi 145.8 million and OPPO 111.8 million smartphones.


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