The price of the Xiaomi charging stand with super fast charging has been reduced. 80 watt wireless, 120 watt wired fast charging …


Xiaomi has announced a charging stand that offers a remarkable 80 watt wireless fast charging support with its flagship phones Mi 11 Ultra and Mi 11 Pro. Xiaomi makes the purchase of the device more attractive by putting a 120-watt fast-charging adapter in this device with supercharging feature.

This device, which is compatible with smartphones that support the Qi standard, has been on sale in China for a while and is also marketed to the world via Aliexpress. The price of the device, which is priced at $ 100 for global users, has now dropped to $ 70. If you need such a device, you can add it to your “Mi Wireless Charging Stand Set” list.

The charger has a dual coil design that allows it to be charged both vertically and horizontally, like when watching videos on phones. A curved channel design is used to help dissipate heat in the charging station.

The device is equipped with a special button to activate the ultra-fast charging mode, and various safety features such as overvoltage, overcurrent and overheat protection are not forgotten. Foreign bodies etc. Let us remind you that the wireless charger, which also uses the detection function, is compatible with smartphones that support the Qi standard.

Let us state that the phones with the highest wireless fast charging rating from Xiaomi front are Mi 11 and Mi 11 Ultra with 67 watts.


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