Xiaomi has released an ultra-lightweight wireless headset through its crowdfunding platform Youpin. The model named QCY T11 is sold with a price tag of $ 26.

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has launched a new full wireless headset that stands out with its ultra-light structure. The company launched the product through its crowdfunding platform Youpin.

Called the QCY T11, the model comes with quad-microphone noise canceling technology, touch control and AAC codec support. The earbuds only weigh 3.7 grams each. So it is extremely light.

There are two color options
The QCY T11 can offer up to 3.5 hours of battery life on a full charge. The battery capacity of the charging box is 600 mAh. It can charge both earphones in 10 minutes. There is also support for fast charging. With the charging box, the total usage time reaches 21 hours.

The wireless headset is compatible with both Android and iOS platform. There are two color options, black and white. Xiaomi currently sells the new QCY T11 wireless headset for $ 26. However, this pre-order price will increase to $ 30 later.


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